Wim van Rees
Chair of Computational Science
Clausiusstrasse 33

ETH-Zentrum, CLT E 13

CH-8092 Zürich
Phone: +41 44 632 99 16


  • Direct Numerical Simulations of high Reynolds number flow with vortex methods
  • 3D flow-structure interaction with vortex methods


  • van Rees W.M., Rossinelli D., Hadjidoukas P., Koumoutsakos P., High performance CPU/GPU multiresolution Poisson solver. In Advances in Parallel Computing Vol 25, IOS Press, 2014, 481-490 (pdf)
  • van Rees W.M., Gazzola M., Koumoutsakos P., Optimal shapes for anguilliform swimmers at intermediate Reynolds numbers. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 722, 2013. (pdf(Cover JFM)
  • van Rees W.M., Hussain F., Koumoutsakos P., Vortex tube reconnection at Re=104Physics of Fluids, 24(7):075105, 2012. (Abstract) (pdf)
  • Gazzola M., van Rees W.M., Koumoutsakos P., C-start: optimal start of larval fish. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 698:5–18, 2012. (Abstract) (pdf(this article is featured in the JFM series: Focus on Fluids) (Cover of JFM)
  • Gazzola M., Chatelain P., van Rees W.M., Koumoutsakos P., Simulations of single and multiple swimmers with non-divergence free deforming geometries, Journal of Computational Physics, 230(19):7093–7114, 2011. (Abstract) (pdf)
  • van Rees W.M., Leonard A., Pullin D.I., Koumoutsakos P., A comparison of vortex and pseudo-spectral methods for the simulation of periodic vortical flows at high Reynolds numbers,  Journal of Computational Physics, 230(8), 2794-2805, 2011 (Abstract) (pdf)


  • TA – Computational Engineering, Spring Semester 2014 (D-MAVT)
  • TA – Computational Engineering, Spring Semester 2013 (D-MAVT)
  • TA – High Performance Computing for Science and Engineering, Fall Semester 2012 (D-INFK,D-MAVT)
  • chief TA – Multiscale Modeling and Computations – Fall Semester 2011 (D-INFK)
  • chief TA – Multiscale Modeling and Computations – Fall Semester 2010 (D-INFK)
  • TA – Simulations using Particles – Spring Semester 2010 (D-INFK)
  • TA – Advanced Computational Science – Spring Semester 2009 (D-INFK)