Teaching Assistants

Class Times & Rooms

  • Lecture: Monday, 14:15-16:00 (Zoom link), Classroom: ML H44
  • Exercise: Monday, 10:15-12:00 (Zoom link), Classroom: ML H44
  • Lecture recordings can be found below.


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Course Moodle (For Homework Submission & Discussion Board)

  • 151-0116-10L – HPCSE for Engineers II Moodle
  • 151-0116-00L – HPCSE for CSE II Moodle

Exam Material

  • Documentation available during the HPCSE II exam: zip (300 MB)
  • Students taking the Block exam (HPCSE I + II), will additionally have available the package with HPCSE I material.
  • Past exam (2021) can be found here

Schedule and Lecture Slides

Date  Lecture
21.02.2022 Introduction  (Lecture)
28.02.2022 Bayesian UQ  (Lecture) (Notes)
07.03.2022 The Korali Framework (Tutorial) (Slides) (Video)
14.03.2022 Integration and Sampling Methods (Notes) (Video)
21.03.2022 Sampling Strategies & Korali Part II (Tutorial) (Slides) (Video)
28.03.2022 Advanced MPI (Slides) (Video)
04.04.2022 Communication-Tolerant Programming (Slides(Video)
11.04.2022 GPU Programming I (Slides)(Video)
18.04.2022 << No lecture - Easter week >>
02.05.2022 Particle Methods I (Video)
09.05.2022 GPU Programming II (Slides) (Video)
16.05.2022 Reduction on GPU (Slides)(Video)
23.05.2022 Particle Methods II (Video) (Slides)

Exercise & Tutorial Sessions

Date Session

Probability Theory : Handwritten notesVideo 

07.03.2022  Sampling Methods : Handwritten notesVideo
14.03.2022 Korali Tutorial : Video
21.03.2022 Bash and Git Tutorial : Video
28.03.2022 MPI Topics and Numerical Methods: VideoSlides
04.04.2022 Advanced MPI – Communicators: Video, Slides
11.04.2022 Debugging: Video , Slides
25.04.2022 Introduction to Particle Methods: Video, Notes
02.05.2022 Piz Daint & CUDA Tutorial: Piz Daint Intro GPUs Tutorial Video
09.05.2022 CUDA Tutorial II: Video Slides
16.05.2022 CUDA Tutorial III: Video, Slides
23.05.2022 CUDA Tutorial IV: Video, Slides
30.05.2022 Mock Exam: Video, Exam, Solution, Mock-Exam-Code

Textbooks & Recommended Reads

  • Kowarschik, M. and Weiß, C., An overview of cache optimization techniques and cache-aware numerical algorithms.
  • Parallel Programming in MPI and OpenMP, V. Eijkhout.

  • CUDA C Programming Guide, NVIDIA
  • CUDA by example, J. Sanders and E. Kandrot

  • Data Analysis: A Bayesian Tutorial, Devinderjit Sivia

  • Introduction to High Performance Computing for Scientists and Engineers, G. Hager and G. Wellein, CRC Press, 2011

  • Introduction to Parallel Programming

  • Computer Organization and Design, D.H. Patterson and J.L. Hennessy