Class Room

  • Online

Class Times

  • Lecture: Friday, 10:15 – 12:00 (online – link to recordings below)
  • Exercise: Friday, 08:15 – 10:00 (online)

Computer Rooms

  • HG E26.1, E26.3, E27

The environment provided by these computers is similar to the exam environment.

Class Material

Exam Material

  • Documentation available during the exam: zip (400 MB)

Schedule and Lecture Slides

18.09.2020 Introduction: Slides, Video
25.09.2020 Cache and concurrency: Slides, Video, Slides (matrix multiplication cache)
02.10.2020 PCA: Slides, Video
09.10.2020 OpenMP – Part I: Slides Power Method: Slides, Video
16.10.2020 OpenMP – Part II: Slides (starting from slide 61), Video
23.10.2020 Autoencoders / NN / Dimensionality Reduction: Slides, Video
30.10.2020 HPC libraries: Linear algebra / ISA & Instruction-Level Parallelism: Slides, Video
06.11.2020 Data-Level Parallelism & Vectorization: Slides, Slides (animation), Video
13.11.2020 MPI – Part I: SlidesVideo
20.11.2020 MPI – Part II: Slides, Video
27.11.2020 Diffusion – Random Walks and Finite Differences. Slides, Video
04.12.2020 The Roofline Model. Slides, Video
11.12.2020 MPI – Part III: Slides, Video
18.12.2020 (see Tutorials section)


The exercises begin in the second week of the semester.

Date TA
Exercise Handout Solution
02.10.2020 Georgios Arampatzis Set 1. Amdahl’s Law, Cache   git
16.10.2020 Sergey Litvinov Set 2. OpenMP   git
30.10.2020 Martin Boden Set 3. PCA and Oja's Rule   git
13.11.2020 Michalis Chatzimanolakis Set 4. Vectorization and MPI   git
27.11.2020 Lucas Amoudruz Set 5: MPI and roofline model   git
11.12.2020 Petr Karnakov Set 6: MPI IO, Hybrid MPI + OpenMP, ADI   git


Date TA
Session  Handout
25.09.2020 Georgios Arampatzis Tutorial 1. C++, Makefiles, Euler  
09.10.2020 Martin Boden Tutorial 2. PCA, performance metrics  
23.10.2020 Michail Chatzimanolakis Tutorial 3. Debugging  
06.11.2020 Sergey Litvinov Tutorial 4. Libraries, BLAS  
20.11.2020 Petr Karnakov Tutorial 5. Visualization  
04.12.2020 Lucas Amoudruz Tutorial 6. Cell Lists  
18.12.2020   Mockup exam  


Computer based session examination involving theoretical questions and coding problems. You are allowed to bring a handwritten summary of 4 A4 sheets, written on the front and back pages (8 pages total). In addition, we will provide you with the following material:

  • Lecture slides
  • Exercise solutions
  • Additional lecture notes distributed during the lecture
  • OpenMP specification and reference card (pdf)
  • MPI standard and reference card (pdf)
  • Offline version of


Additional Material

Old Exam Sheets


Useful Links

General links on HPC and clusters
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