Class Room

  • ML H44

Class Times

  • Lecture: Friday, 10:15 – 12:00 (ML H44)
  • Exercise: Friday, 08:15 – 10:00 (ML H44)

Computer Rooms

  • HG E26.1, E26.3, E27

The environment provided by these computers is similar to the exam environment.

Class Material


The exercises begin in the second week of the semester.

Date Exercise Handout Solution
27.09.2019 Set 1 PDF, skeleton code (Suppl.: SSH for Windows) Solution
11.10.2019 Set 2 PDF, skeleton code, slides, tutorial Solution
25.10.2019 Set 3 PDF, skeleton code, slides Solution
08.11.2019 Set 4 PDF, skeleton code, slides Solution
22.11.2019 Set 5 PDF, skeleton code, slides Solution
06.12.2019 Set 6 PDF, skeleton_code, slides Solution

Tutorial sessions

Date Session  Handout
04.10.2019 Tutorial 1:  C/C++ Basics for Science And Engineering Exercise Files
18.10.2019 Tutorial 2:  BLAS & Optimizations Exercise Files
01.11.2019 Tutorial 3: Oja’s rule & PCA, blackboard Exercise Files
15.11.2019 Tutorial 4: Name mangling, debugging, memory leaks, profiling Exercise Files
29.11.2019 Tutorial 5: Parallel data storage and visualization Exercise Files
13.12.2019 Tutorial 6: Cell-lists Exercise Files


Updated 20.12.2019: PDF summary for Exam info/tips discussed in the Q&A session of the last exercise: exam info

Computer based session examination involving theoretical questions and coding problems. You are allowed to bring a handwritten summary of 4 A4 sheets, written on the front and back pages (8 pages total). In addition, we will provide you with the following material:

  • Lecture slides
  • Exercise solutions
  • Additional lecture notes distributed during the lecture
  • OpenMP specification and reference card (pdf)
  • MPI standard and reference card (pdf)
  • Offline version of
  • Offline version of the Intel intrinsics guide
  • The book by Victor Eijkhout


Additional Material

Old Exam Sheets

Useful Links

General links on HPC and clusters
For Windows users