This page will contain a few notes on the exercises given by Gerardo Tauriello (HG F26.1) and Manfred Quack (IFW B42).

Getting Started

  • Short guide on how to set up your first project in Xcode: PDF
  • Short guide on how to compile files using g++ (gcc): PDF
  • Short guide on debugging (mainly with Xcode): PDF, cpp-Files
Stuff for exercises
  • Serie 5: Template Xcode-project for the decoding: ZIP
  • Serie 6: Pointers, Structs, dynamic structures: PDF
  • Serie 7: Functions in C++, call by reference, call by value etc.: PDF
  • Serie 8: Linked Lists, Stacks, FIFO, LIFO PDF, and a code-example:
  • Serie 9: Template Xcode-project for the Labyrinth: ZIP
  • Serie 10: Classes, operators: PDF
  • More:
    • Solution of Serie 10 using vector-class: ZIP
    • Example for reading a file properly (replaces slide 25 in chapter 11): ZIP
Current status of hand-ins
  • Gerardo Tauriello’s group: PDF
  • Manfred Quack’s group: PDF