Lecturers Professor Petros Koumoutsakos
Teaching Assistants Batman
Class Room

Guggenheim 202

Class Times Tue and Thu: 9:00  – 10:30 AM
Week 1


Week 2

Particle Approximations and Particle-Mesh Interpolations

Week 3 Field Solvers: FFTs and Multipole Methods
Week 4 Vortex Methods – Smoothed Particle Hydordynamics – Particle Level Sets
Week 5 Intro for MD and LAMMPS, Scripts
Week 6 Time Integrators for Particles
Week 7  Field Solvers for Long Range Forces in Molecular Dynamics (P3M, PME methods)
Week 8

Molecular Dynamics for Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics

LAMMPS Scripts

EXTRA Dissipative Particle Dynaics


  • Two projects – equivalent to 30 hours of work each.
    • Project 1: Vortex Dynamics using Vortex methods
    • Project 2: Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics

Good Stuff (Books, Notes, Links, etc.)