Multicore/Multi-GPU Accelerated Simulations of Multiphase Compressible Flows Using Wavelet Adapted Grids

Rossinelli D., Hejazialhosseini B., Spampinato D., Koumoutsakos P., SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 33, pp. 512-540, 2011


We present a computational method of coupling average interpolating wavelets with high-order finite volume schemes and its implementation on heterogeneous computer architectures for the simulation of multiphase compressible flows. The method is implemented to take advantage of the parallel computing capabilities of emerging heterogeneous multicore/multi-GPU architectures. A highly efficient parallel implementation is achieved by introducing the concept of wavelet blocks, exploiting the task-based parallelism for CPU cores, and by managing asynchronously an array of GPUs by means of OpenCL. We investigate the comparative accuracy of the GPU and CPU based simulations and analyze their discrepancy for two-dimensional simulations of shock-bubble interaction and Richtmeyer–Meshkov instability. The results indicate that the accuracy of the GPU/CPU heterogeneous solver is competitive with the one that uses exclusively the CPU cores. We report the performance improvements by employing up to 12 cores and 6 GPUs compared to the single-core execution. For the simulation of the shock-bubble interaction at Mach 3 with two million grid points, we observe a 100-fold speedup for the heterogeneous part and an overall speedup of 34.