Discrete vortex method simulations of the aerodynamic admittance in bridge aerodynamics

Rasmussen J.T., Hejlesen N.M., Larsen A., Walther J.H., Journal of wind engineering and industrial aerodynamics, 98, 754-766, 2010
We present a novel method for the simulation of the aerodynamic admittance in bluff body aerodynamics. The method introduces a model for describing oncoming turbulence in two-dimensional discrete vortex method simulations by seeding the upstream flow with vortex particle.s The turbulence is generated prior to the simulations and is based on analytic spectral densities of the atmospheric turbulence and a coherence function defining the spatial correlation of the flow. The method is validated by simulating the turbulent flow past a flat plate and past the Great Belt East bridge. The results are generally found in good agreement with the potential flow solution due to Liepmann.