Project owner 03499 Chair: Petros Koumoutsakos
02644 Institute: Institut für Computational Science, direkt
02150 Department: Departement Informatik, direkt
Project author(s) Petros Koumoutsakos
Project ID 6647
Project status Ongoing (2001-04-23)
Participating researchers ETH Researcher(s):
Jens Honoré Walther
Michael Edmund Bergdorf
Partner organizations Organization 1: NASA Ames Research Center
Project description Systems that can be described in terms of particle models range from ionic liquids to incompressible fluids and galaxy clusters, and from collisionless plasma and blood flow in small arteries to the simulation of submicron semiconductor devices and systems of protein molecules.

Particle methods are envisioned as a powerful computational tool capable of bridging the gap of nanoscale and continuum simulations.

We are developing multiscale particle methods, such as vortex methods, smooth particle hydrodynamics and molecular dynamics, for the simulation of flows in the continuum and the nanoscale level.

Novel features of our approach include :
1. enhanced adaptivity based on concepts from adaptive multiresolution and Lagrangian honogenization techniques
2. Fast summation algorithms for massively parallel architectures
3. Handling of boundary conditions at comples interfaces
4. Effective remeshing procedures

Furthermore we consider the implementation of particle methods in the continuum and nanoscale level in hybrid techniques. The underlying idea is to use each method for a particular part of the domain depending on the flow physics that is being simulated. Applications involve : flows in nanodevices and flows of biological interest such as those in small arteries and in biosensors.

Graphics Graphics 1: Vortex Method Simulations of a Turbulent Vortex Ring
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