15:30 Multi-GPU computing of multi-scale hemodynamics: from centimeters to microns – S. Melchiona (EPFL)

In reproducing the complex rheology of  full heart-size coronary systems and its systemic implications it is mandatory to handle from the centimeter scale of large arteries to the scale of tens of microns. At this level, the red blood cells granularity needs to be accounted for by a computational methodology. The number of degrees required for this type of calculations if typically of 1 billion and above and high-end computer resources are required.
In this talk, we present the recent implementing our simulation engine MUPHY to multiple GPUs. The software handles fluid dynamic components and suspended bodies of different shapes and hydrodynamic response with full adaptation of the capabilities of GPU to handle the dual level of description.   Our implementation leverages graph-based methods to obtain domain partitions that handle highly sparse hemodynamic systems. The optimally balanced computational loads propagates at both the level of fluid dynamics and suspended bodies with excellent single-GPU performances and parallel efficiency.