Optimization Based on Bacterial Chemotaxis

S. D. Mueller, J. Marchetto, S. Airaghi, P. Koumoutsakos, IEEE T. Evolut. Comput., 6(1), 16-29, 2002


We present an optimization algorithm based on a model of bacterial chemotaxis. The original biological model is used to formulate a simple optimization algorithm, which is evaluated on a set of standard test problems. Based on this evaluation, several features are added to the basic algorithm using evolutionary concepts in order to obtain an improved optimization strategy, called the bacteria chemotaxis (BC) algorithm. This strategy is evaluated on a number of test functions for local and global optimization, compared with other optimization techniques, and applied to the problem of inverse airfoil design. The comparisons show that on average, BC performs similar to standard evolution strategies and worse than evolution strategies with enhanced convergence properties.