14:15 Large-Eddy Simulation of Channel Flow on GPU – N. Onodera (Tokyo Tech)

Direct numerical simulation (DNS) for turbulent phenomena requires a large number of grid points proportional to the 9/4 power of the Reynolds number. The Dynamic-Smagorinsky model (DSM) is one of a successful SGS model large-eddy simulation (LES). Since the DGS model requires least mean square of the model coefficient in the homogeneous direction with high computational cost, we have introduced the Coherent-structure model (CSM), in which the eddy-viscosity is locally determined by the flow field.

The turbulence code with 4-th order accuracy has been ported to the CUDA programming and turbulent phenomena are studied on the Tesla GPU of TSUBAME supercomputer. The CSM is quit suitable for GPU computing and we have achieved 50 GFlops for 256x256x256 grid. Numerical results of the turbulent channel flow are compared with those of DNS.