A multiresolution remeshed vortex-in-cell algorithm using patches

Rasmussen J.T., Cottet G.-H., and Walther J.H., Journal of Computational Physics

We present a novel multiresolution Vortex-In-Cell algorithm using patches of varying resolution. The Poisson equation relating the fluid vorticity and velocity is solved using Fast Fourier Transforms subject to free space boundary conditions. Solid boundaries are implemented using the semi-implicit formulation of Brinkman penalization and we show that the penalization can be carried out as a simple interpolation. We validate the implementation against the analytic solution to the Perlman test case and by free-space simulations of the onset flow around fixed and rotating circular cylinders and bluff body flows around bridge sections.

doi: 10.1016/j.jcp.2011.05.006 (pdf)