High order Finite Volume methods on Wavelet-adapted Grids with Local Time-Stepping on Multicore Architectures for the Simulation of Shock-Bubble Interactions

Hejazialhosseini B., Rossinelli D., Bergdorf M., Koumoutsakos P., Journal of Computational Physics, 2010

We present a space–time adaptive solver for single- and multi-phase compressible flows that couples average interpolating wavelets with high-order finite volume schemes. The solver introduces the concept of wavelet blocks, handles large jumps in resolution and employs local time-stepping for efficient time integration. We demonstrate that the inherently sequential wavelet-based adaptivity can be implemented efficiently in multicore computer architectures using task-based parallelism and introducing the concept of wavelet blocks. We validate our computational method on a number of benchmark problems and we present simulations of shock-bubble interaction at different Mach numbers, demonstrating the accuracy and computational performance of the method.