In many cases, hybrid particle methods seem to be superior than pure Eulerian and Lagrangian based methods in both accuracy and algorithmic complexity.

We consider their state-of-the-art implementations on modern architectures, namely multi-core machines, hybrid CPU-GPU and GPU-only architectures.

We  present a  GPU solver, a GPU-assisted solver and a Multi-core solver for simulating bluff body flows using a remeshed vortex particle method.

The efficiency of the method relies on fast and accurate particle-grid interpolations on GPUs for the remeshing of the particles and the computation of the field operators. The GPU implementation uses hardware framebuffer operations to perform efficient particle-grid operations and  a  CUFFT-based solver for the Poisson Equation with unbounded boundary conditions. The Multi-core and GPU-assisted solvers make use of Threading Building Blocks for scalable and fast particle-mesh communication.

by Diego Rossinelli and Petros Koumoutsakos