Guillem Ballesteros Garcia
Chair of Computational Science
Clausiusstrasse 33
ETH-Zentrum, CLT C 11
CH-8092 Zürich


  • Angiogenesis & Tumor Growth
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Bayesian Statistics



  • Matres J., Lacava C., Ballesteros G.C., Minzioni P., Cristiani I., Fédéli J.M., Marti J. and Oton C.J., Low TPA and free-carrier effects in silicon nanocrystal-based horizontal slot waveguides,  (pdf)
  • Matres J., Ballesteros G.C., Gautier P., Fédéli J.M., Marti J. and Oton C.J., High nonlinear figure-of-merit amorphous silicon waveguides (pdf)
  • Ballesteros G.C., Matres J., Marti J. and Oton C.J., Characterizing and modeling backscattering in silicon microring resonators (pdf)