Gerardo Tauriello
Former member (2008-2015) of CSElab


  • Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Growth Processes in Biology
  • Biology of the Drosophila Wing, Analysis of Arabidopsis sepal growth
  • Development of novel image processing, data analysis and simulation tools
  • Numerical methods for solving PDEs in and on largely deforming domains
  • Model selection and uncertainty quantification within Bayesian frameworks



  • Barbier de Reuille P., Routier-Kierzkowska A.L., Kierzkowski D., Bassel G.W., Schüpbach T., Tauriello G., Bajpai N., Strauss S., Weber A., Kiss A., Burian A., Hofhuis H., Sapala A., Lipowczan M., Heimlicher M.B., Robinson S., Bayer E.M., Basler K., Koumoutsakos P., Roeder A.H.K., Aegerter-Wilmsen T., Nakayama N., Tsiantis M., Hay A., Kwiatkowska D., Xenarios I., Kuhlemeier C., Smith R.S., MorphoGraphX: A platform for quantifying morphogenesis in 4D. eLife, 4:e05864, 2015 (doi) (pdf)
  • Tauriello G., Koumoutsakos P., A comparative study of penalization and phase field methods for the solution of the diffusion equation in complex geometries. J. Comput. Phys., 283:388–407, 2015 (doi) (pdf)
  • Milde F., Tauriello G., Haberkern H., Koumoutsakos P., SEM++: A particle model of cellular growth, signaling and migration, Comp. Part. Mech., 1(2): 211-227, 2014 (doi) (pdf)
  • Tauriello G., Koumoutsakos P., Coupling Remeshed Particle and Phase Field Methods for the Simulation of Reaction-Diffusion on the Surface and the Interior of Deforming Geometries, SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 35(6): B1285–B1303, 2013 (Abstract) (pdf)
  • Koumoutsakos P., Bayati B., Milde F. and Tauriello G., Particle Simulations of Morphogenesis, Math. Mod. Meth. Appl. S., 21: 955-1006, 2011 (Abstract) (pdf)
  • Schwank G., Tauriello G., Yagi R., Kranz E., Koumoutsakos P., Basler K., Antagonistic growth regulation by Dpp and Fat drives uniform cell proliferation, Developmental Cell, 20(1): 123-30, 2011 (Abstract) (pdf)
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