16:30 Gas dynamics using wavelet adapted grids on multicores – B. Hejazialhosseini (ETHZ)

We present a wavelet-based space-time adaptive solver for single- and multi-phase compressible flows that couples average interpolating wavelets with high-order finite volume schemes. The solver is able to handle high resolution jumps (2 or more) and benefits from a straightforward technique for fast local time stepping schemes in the context of multicore computing. Wavelet based adaptivity is inherently sequential and in this work we demonstrate that these numerical methods can be implemented in software that exploits the capabilities of multicore machines while maintaining their computational efficiency. This is achieved by exploiting task-based parallelism, a new multithreading technology, and the concept of wavelet blocks. We verify our computational method on standard tests and the simulation of shock-bubble interaction at different Mach numbers that demonstrate the accuracy of our method and performance of the solver.