Prof. Dr. Petros Koumoutsakos
Gerardo Tauriello

Teaching Assistants


Christian Conti

Class Room


Tuesday: HG E19

Wednesday: HG E26.1

Thursday: HG E26.1

Class Times


Tuesday, 17.02.2013: 13:15 – 17:00 (HG E19)
Wednesday, 18.02.2013: 13:15 – 17:00 (HG E26.1)
Thursday, 19.02.2013: 13:15 – 17:00 (HG E26.1)

Slides &


Introduction to GPU Computing

Getting Started with brutus and VMD (VMD test files)

CUDA sample codes

boids code skeletons (day1, day3)

How to mount brutus on fedora (HG machines)


Useful Links

Nvidia CUDA home page (with a lot of resources for CUDA GPU programming)

Nvidia CUDA programming guide

Brutus cluster wiki