Fabian Wermelinger

Prof. Dr. Petros Koumoutsakos

Teaching Assistants

Lina Kulakova

Ursula Rasthofer

Panos Hadjidoukas

Class Times & Rooms

23.2.16: 13:00 – 16:45 in HIL E3

24.2.16: 13:00 – 16:45 in HIL E4

25.2.16: 13:15 – 17:00 in ML D 28

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Day 1 (updated 23.2., 8:34pm)

Slides, Sample Codes, Exercises, Solution

Day 2 (updated 24.2., 6:18pm) Slides, Sample Codes, Exercises, Solution
Day 3 (updated 25.2., 8:15pm)

Slides, Sample Codes, Exercises, ex05_starter.zip, Solution, Makefile Example



  • Attendance of all three classes is required to pass the course
  • Prerequisite: Informatik I course (2nd semester D-MAVT)
  • A laptop is required for the hands-on exercises during the class (at least one every two students). A working C++ compiler must be available:
    • Preferred: linux-like system with GNU C Compiler (g++), for example: VirtualBox from Informatik I
    • ok to work in apps like Eclipse, Xcode, Visual Studio, etc
  • This Engineering Tool is a prerequisite for the class "Computational Methods for Engineering Applications I"


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