Lecture Tuesdays 15-17, RZ F 21
Lecturers Prof. Peter Arbenz
Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos
Prof. Ivo Sbalzarini
Content Class participants study and make a 40 minute presentation (in English) on fundamental papers of Computational Science. A preliminary discussion of the talk (structure, content, methodology) with the responsible professor is required. The talk has to be given in a way that the other seminar participants can understand it and learn from it. Participation throughout the semester is mandatory.
Goal Studying and presenting fundamental works of Computational Science. Learning how to make a scientific presentation.
Procedure Papers will be distributed in the first seminar in the first week of the semester.

Date Speaker Topic
    Parallel tiled QR factorization for multicore architectures
A. Buttari, J.Langou, J.Kurzak and J.Dongarra
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 2008
Fast multipole methods on graphics processors
Nail A. Gumerov , Ramani Duraiswami
Journal of Computational Physics 227 (2008) 8290–8313 article
General purpose molecular dynamics simulations fully implemented on graphics processing units
Joshua A. Anderson , Chris D. Lorenz , A. Travesseta
Journal of Computational Physics 227 (2008) 5342–5359 article
    A class of parallel tiled linear algebra algorithms for multicore architectures
A. Buttari, J.Langou, J.Kurzak and J.Dongarra
Parallel Computing 2009
    Data Sieving and Collective I/O in ROMIO
Rajeev Thakur and William Gropp and Ewing Lusk
Symposium on the Frontiers of Massively Parallel Processing, 1999
    A Parallel Shape Optimizing Load Balancer Henning Meyerhenke and Stefan Schamberger
Euro-Par 2006 Parallel Processing
    Hierarchical hybrid grids: data structures and core algorithms for multigrid
B.K.Bergen and F.Halsemann
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications 2004