10-11/5/2010: ETHZ - Tokyo Tech Workshop : Computing with GPUs, Cells, and Multicores


Date: May 10 - 11, 2010

Location: ETHZ VISDOME (Rämistrasse 101, ETH main building)


MAY 10th  

9:00 Opening Remarks,  T. Aoki (Tokyo Tech) and P. Koumoutsakos (ETHZ)
9:15  Energy efficient Petaflop Computing, D. Poulikakos (ETHZ)
9:45 Multi-GPU scalability of mesh-based HPC applications, T. Aoki (Tokyo Tech) (slides)
10:15 Coffee
10:30 Asymmetries in Multi-Core Systems, T. Gross (ETHZ)   (paper)
11:15 A High-Performance Fault-Tolerant Software Framework for  Memory on Commodity GPUs, N. Maruyama (Tokyo Tech) (slides)
11:45 A critical analysis of programming models for large-scale hybrid systems, A. Tineo (CSCS) (slides)
12:15 Lunch 
13:15 GPU Acceleration of Weather Prediction Model, T. Shimokawabe (Tokyo Tech) (slides)
13:45 Bluff Body flow Simulations on GPUs, D. Rossinelli (ETHZ) (slides)
14:15 Large-Eddy Simulation of Channel Flow on GPU,  N. Onodera (Tokyo Tech) (slides)
14:45 Coffee Break
15:15 Multicore + GPUs can protect your bones: Rendering the Computerized Diagnosis of Osteoporosis a Routine Clinical Practice, C. Bekas (IBM Zurich) 
15:45 GPU Acceleration of de Novo Protein Tertiary Structure PredictionS, T. Ishida (Tokyo Tech) (slides)
16:15 A Computational Screening System of Protein-protein Interactions: Connecting Protein  Structural Information to Biological Pathway Estimation, Y. Matsuzaki (Tokyo Tech)
17:00 Adjourn

MAY 11th  

9:00 A CUDA implementation of the Himeno benchmark on a GPU cluster, M. Fatica (Nvidia)  (slides)
9:30 Fast Fourier Transform using CUDA GPUs, A. Nukada (Tokyo Tech)
10:00 Green High Performance Computing Methods, R. Gruber (EPFL) (slides)
10:30 Coffee Break
10:45  Computer Vision on the GPU, C. Zach (ETHZ ) (slides)
11:15 Parallel Dynamic Programming for Realtime 3D Aquisition, S. Yamazaki (AIST)
11:45 FPGAs in Database Research, J. Teubner (ETHZ)  (slides)
12:15 Lunch 
13:00 Cosmological Radiation Transfer using GPU, R. Teyssier (University of  Zurich) (slides)
13:30  Scalable Implementation Techniques for Sparse Iterative Solvers on GPU Clusters, A. Cevahir (Tokyo Tech)   (slides)
14:00 Large-Scale PDE-Constrained Optimization on Multicore Architectures, M. Sathe (Uni. Basel) (slides)
14:30 Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Multi GPUs, M. Sekijima (Tokyo Tech)

15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Multi-GPU computing of multi-scale hemodynamics: from centimeters to microns, S. Melchiona (EPFL) (slides)
16:00 Real-Time Tsunami Simulation Solving the Shallow Water Equations on Multi-Node GPU Cluster, M. Arce Acuna (Tokyo Tech) 
16:30 Gas dynamics using Wavelet adapted grids on multicores, B. Hejazialhosseini (ETHZ) (slides)