April 27, 2015: Delayed dynamical systems in engineering: where the rubber meets the road, Gabor Stepan




Delayed dynamical systems in engineering: where the rubber meets the road

April 27, 2015 from 2:15 p.m. in HG F 30
(aperitif after the lecture)

Prof. Gabor Stepan
Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Delay differential equations have an increasing share in mathematical models of engineering since some relevant problems of control theory, mechanical-, electrical- and bioengineering are approached as nonlinear phenomena in high-dimensional dynamical systems. Dynamic contact problems are in the forefront of mechanical engineering research due to the expensive laboratory experiments and high-performance computing used at industrial R&D level. These multi-scale problems can successfully be transformed to delayed oscillators; this opens way to their analytical study needed for model validation and for testing numerical codes. Analogous delayed models of machine tool vibrations, traffic dynamics, human balancing and elastic tires are discussed. The models are used in laboratory experiments to identify the peculiar dynamical behavior of these systems, and also to explore some uncharted parameter domains of wheel shimmy, called microshimmy, which are responsible not just for unwanted vibrations but also for the noise generation of tires.


Part of the MAVT Distinguished Lecture Series