Dec. 3, 2014: The Shape of Data, Prof. Gunnar Carlsson


The Shape of Data

Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014, 17:30, ML E 12, ETH Zurich
(an apero will follow at approx. 18:30)

Prof. Gunnar Carlsson
Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
The analysis of large and complex data sets is a fundamental problem in all areas of the sciences, engineering, and the commercial world.  Complexity is at least as important a bottleneck in this process as the size of the data set, and linear approximations only capture some of that complexity.  In this talk we will discuss the use of shape, via the use of topology, as an organizing principle for complex data.  This kind of "topological data analysis" represents data sets in the way that topology itself represents spaces by simplicial complexes.  We will discuss these methods, with numerous examples.
Part of the CSZ Distinguished Lecture Series (link)