31/05/2013: SuperComputing for BigData: DataFlow vs ControlFlow

SuperComputing for BigData: DataFlow vs ControlFlow

(the Programming Paradigm and the Ongoing Research)

May 31, 2013, HIL E 10.1, ETH Zurich
15:00-16:00 Seminar
16:00-18:00 Tutorial

Prof. Veljko Milutinovic
Fellow of the IEEE, Member of Academia Europaea
University of Belgrade, Dept. of Electrical Engineering (formed by Royal Society and Leopoldiana) and member of the SAB of Maxeler

DataFlow computers, compared to ControlFlow computers, offer speedups of 20 to 200, and power reductions of about 20. However, the programming paradigm is different. This talk explains the programming paradigm, using Maxeler as an example (Maxeler is 20% owned by JPMorgan), and sheds light on the ongoing research in the field. The stress is on issues of interest for civil engineering and GeoPhysics. Following the presentation Dr. Milutinovic will offer a two-hour Tutorial on Programming for Data Flow SuperComputing: The Maxeler Case.
See pdf here.