11/05/2011: Rethinking Irregular Algorithms for Massive Multithreading

Rethinking Irregular Algorithms for Massive Multithreading

May 11, 2011, 10:15 -12:30, CAB G11, ETH Zurich

Jacopo Pantaleoni

NVIDIA Research
In order to exploit massive, fine grained parallelism it's often necessary to rethink algorithms from top to bottom. This can be particularly challenging in the case of highly irregular algorithms with strong dependencies, where finding parallelism, mantaining locality and load balancing are often at odds.
This lecture will go through a few examples to give an overview of these problems, showing how to exploit basic building blocks like prefix sums, sorting, searching and work-queues to perform complex tasks like the creation of hierarchical data structures and 2d and 3d rasterization.
Speaker Bio:
Jacopo Pantaleoni is a Senior Architect at NVIDIA Research, where he has been studying new stochastic methods for physically based light transport simulations, developing novel rendering techniques for the film visual effects industry (contributing key technology - the PantaRay engine - for the Oscar winning special effects in Avatar) and providing new algorithms for real time ray tracing.
Prior to joining NVIDIA in 2008, he has founded Lightflow Technologies in 1999, developing one of the first publically available global illumination engines. He later worked as a rendering expert in the film industry, has co-authored a book on production rendering and joined mental images in 2005 where he worked as Lead Rendering Research Scientist to develop interactive photorealistic rendering solutions.
Jacopo studied Mathematics at the University of Padova, Italy.