7/10 - "Deformation Constraints for Physically-based Animation", 12:15 PM, CAB G 11

Visual Computing Lunch - Fall 2009

Speaker:  Dr. Bernhard Thomaszewski
          Wilhelm Schickard Institut für Informatik
          Graphisch-Interaktive Systeme
          Universität Tübingen

Date:     Wednesday, October 7

Time:     12:15

Room:     CAB G 11

Title:     Deformation Constraints for Physically-based Animation


Elastically deformable models are an important building block for
computer animation. Their dynamic behavior is typically governed by
stiff nonlinear equations, which give rise to considerable
difficulties for numerical solvers. Stability and computational
efficiency can often be greatly improved by replacing stiff components
with geometric constraints. I will present two applications of this
general approach: deformation constraints for anisotropic biphasic
cloth and incompressibility constraints in the context of volumetric