CECAM WORKSHOP "Flow Simulations using Particles", P. Koumoutsakos et al., 4.5. - 7.5., EPFL

In this tutorial we present recent advances in flow simulations using particles with a focus on fostering an interdisciplinary scientific exchange between scientists from communities as diverse as CFD and Biology, Computer Graphics and Geophysics. 

The tutorial will describe advances in particle methods in a comparative, case study driven framework. In this framework we will address for example visual realism of liquid simulations as related to the accuracy of enforcing incompressibility constraints in Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) and Vortex Methods (VM). We will discuss the role of advantages and drawbacks for particle simulations when using remeshing, we will present techniques for the effective handling of fluids interacting with solids and free surfaces, we will discuss stochastic amd multiscale particle formulations.