Seminar:"High-order accurate finite volume methods on structured grids",Dr. Phil Colella,Thursday, Jan 22, 2009

Speaker: Dr. Phil Colella (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley USA)

Date:   Thursday, Jan 22, 2009

Time:   16:45 h (tea/coffee starts at 16:15)
      PLEASE NOTE COFFEE is in *HIT J43.1*

Place:  ETH Hönggerberg, *HIT H42*

Title:  High-order accurate finite volume methods on structured grids.

Abstract: We will discuss recent developments in high-order (greater
than second-order) accurate finite-volume discretizations of PDE in
divergence form. In such methods, space is discretized by a collection
of logically-rectangular control volumes, and PDE are discretized by
applying the divergence theorem to express the average of the operator
over a control volume in terms of the averages of fluxes over cell
faces. To obtain higher order in this setting, we use  high-order
accurate quadratures for approximating the average of the flux over a
cell face. We will address a number of algorithmic issues that arise in
these methods, including: simple limiters that preserve high-order
accuracy at smooth extrema for hyperbolic problems; defining quadrature
rules for fluxes on mapped grids that are freestream-preserving; and the
extension to adaptive meshes and mapped multiblock grids.